Scents of Balance LLC
Aromatherapy for Canines and their Owners

About Us

Scents of Balance LLC evolved from my interest in complementary holistic approaches for people and their dogs.  I have always had dogs in my life and fortunately they were always healthy.  That is until I took home Ted, a puppy from the local shelter.  Ted began having epileptic seizures when he turned three and one half.  Pine scented cleaners would bring on a seizure so I began using natural cleaners such as vinegar and lavender.  With the help of our excellent vet, Ted's seizures were managed.  As if this health issue were not enough, Ted was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma just before he turned eight.  We chose to treat him with chemotherapy extending his life four quality years.  I wanted to avoid any use of toxic pesticides after his diagnosis and learned there was a natural alternative for the flea and tick treatments.  I learned that aromatherapy, the use of essential oils, was very effective in repelling these pests.

Ted led me to a new way of caring for my canine companions.  My son and friends encouraged me to continue learning and expand my knowledge and products even serving as my testers.  I am grateful to them and Pet Degree of Trumbull for their confidence and push for me to establish my business to offer these products to others.  Scents of Balance LLC is committed to providing  products made with the finest oils. All products are made in small batches.